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Young Love x Life Sentence x Price Check

Bred by Newhouse Genetics

Stress: Neg    EN:    Reg#:



Young Love x Life Sentence x Price Check

Bred by Newhouse Showpigs

Stress: Negative

YOUNG BLOOD!!! This powerful brand new addition from Newhouse Showpigs is one we are very excited about! We saw pictures and videos of this creature throughout the summer and recently made the trip and were confident he is a sire one we were absolutely thrilled to be able to add to the PBG sire line-up! From a pedigree standpoint, YOUNG BLOOD brings an incredible amount of value with a power-packed genetic makeup that also offers a tremendous amount of options on a wide range of females!!

YOUNG BLOOD is sired by the very popular and successful Young Love boar on a powerful sow that Brady Newhouse purchased from Ferrell Livestock who is a Life Sentence x Price Check. Life Sentence (Dirty Love’N x Secret Society (also Tarantino’s mother) is a boar we purchased from Lackey Livestock that had a major impact in the show ring and his daughters are proving to be big-time generators!! Behind that is one of the Price Check sows that Ferrell Livestock built around that is responsible for Shawshank, True Intentions, Best Intentions, and Next Man Up as well as a large number of winners! The large number of elite showpigs and impactful sires and females that trace back to Price Check sows is very impressive and that combined with all the power represented in his pedigree gives us extreme amounts of confidence in his generating ability! YOUNG BLOOD's genetic value comes with bloodlines that should work perfectly to complement the genetic package of the females of Cruel Intentions lineage!


YOUNG BLOOD brings a massive package with a killer look which is the deadly combination that grabs banners. Up high, he offers an immense amount of spread and shape with a MONSTER, crisp back exploding out of his shoulder with power that he carries all the way back to a huge hip. YOUNG BLOOD is very loose and correct in his skeletal makeup and can get out and motor with impressive athleticism and great flex hock to ground! At his foundation, YOUNG BLOOD is so stout, with very large legs, big feet, and impeccable toes.

YOUNG BLOOD gives you a killer first look as he drives right at you. He is a bold chested boar that is busted wide open throughout. Through his front 1/3, he displays a stout skull, masculine jaw, and is wide between his eyes. With that, he still reads with a very attractive look, with a long neck that ties in high at his shoulder blade. YOUNG BLOOD combines all these impressive traits on a frame that is ideal in its length and proportions, making him a boar that has the build to make elite show gilts, barrows, and boars!!

With his genetic & phenotypic combination, we have tremendous faith that YOUNG BLOOD has a chance to do special things and brings a fresh bloodline option that is extremely valuable!

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