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WTX 312

WTX 312

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Creation x Green Bottles

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 312-1    Reg#: 438524001


WTX 312----WOW!!! Without a doubt, WTX 312 is one of the best boars of any breed or color we have ever had here at PBG!!! It took more convincing and persuasion to get this boar bought as any we have ever purchased from Wintex Farms! He is a truly one of a kind boar that we feel very lucky to own! WTX 312 is sired by the extremely popular and successful Creation boar and his mother is a young Green Bottles x Deal With It sow that was the 2022 Texas Elite 3rd Overall Duroc Gilt! WTX 312’s pedigree is loaded with legends of the breed and give us extreme amounts of confidence in his generating ability!! This is big time stuff here!!! What makes it even more fun is that when you study him, it is obvious that he takes the strengths of each of the elite Duroc boars stacked in his pedigree to produce an absolute masterpiece of a Duroc boar!

As we described above, WTX 312 is one truly amazing creature! To combine this wild of a look and build, yet still be so incredibly heavy boned, rugged, and stout in his features make WTX 312 a very rare individual!! He is busted open as he drives right at you with very impressive width of chest! As you analyze the topside of his skeleton, he exhibits a huge back and is packing product from the back side of his blade all the way back to a monter hip and a thick, full rump! As he tracks away, he leaves you with an equally impressive view, showing off a big pin set, and maintains this spread and squareness all the way down to the ground. Most impressively, WTX 312 exhibits absolutely perfect angels off both ends of his skeleton, allowing him to remain so comfortable and athletic in motion!! Will Winter describes him as “Green Bottles 2.0” and that description certainly fits!! He takes all of the extremes and far-reaching pieces of Green Bottles to an entirely new level with just so much “more” in every area! This is going to be a very fun ride with WTX 312!!!

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