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Spread The Word x Lesson Learned x Best Man

Bred by Soileau Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A



WORD OF MOUTH is our $43,000 weanling boar purchase from Soileau Farms at the 2021 King's Of The Hill Pig Sale!! Without question, the Soileau's are known for cranking out major winners year after year, as well as elite boars that generate and breed on and make those winners! In talking with Gabe leading up to the sale, it was obvious he was very proud and excited about what he was bringing! We thought this boar was a very special one as a baby and he has matured and grown into an absolute powerhouse! WORD OF MOUTH sports an awesome pedigree, being a son of the popular Spread The Word at The Stud and his mother is a Lesson Learned x Best Man sow that is a flat out generator! She is the mother of the 2020 LSU Champion Lightweight Cross Gilt and 2020 The Exposition Fourth Overall Heavyweight Division Crossbred gilt! WORD OF MOUTH’S mother would also be a littermate to the mothers of One Man Band, Skull & Bones, and Big Easy!! In addition, his mother is also a littermate to the 2018 San Antonio Champion Middleweight Hamp Barrow as well as Take Notes! WORD OF MOUTH’S grandmother is a littermate to the the 2017 San Antonio Grand Champion Barrow!! His pedigree is absolutely loaded with sows that have produced major show champions year after year!! WORD OF MOUTH looks like a very special generator of the kind of elite level livestock it takes to win at the big ones!! When you drive into that show ring on the biggest stages and highest levels of competition, it's always an advantage to have one built like WORD OF MOUTH!

WORD OF MOUTH reads like a dominating kind of barrow and show gilt sire! He is very sharp in his look and attractive through his front end, with tremendous natural presence. His skull is stout, his neck is long, and he blends out of the backside of his neck high, smoothly transitioning into his shoulder blade with spread and power, showing off a big ditch running all the way back. He is a monster in his width of chest and maintains this extreme spread throughout his body cavity. He has a big roll to his upper rib and is very crisp in the turn to his loin edge. WORD OF MOUTH is incredible in his length of hip and shape of his rump with an ideal set to his hind leg. This serves as an engine that allows him to remain so fluid, flexible, and athletic as he is set in motion. WORD OF MOUTH represents the kind of boar we love to own and offer semen on to our customers! He has elite phenotypic quality, an incredible genetic package, and comes from a legendary breeder that knows what it takes to produce boars that generate and showpigs that win big shows on a very consistent basis! Let everyone know—it’s WORD OF MOUTH!

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