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Anchorman x Dirty South

Bred by PBG

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:



Bred By: Premium Blend Genetics


WINGMAN!! The boar that takes stoutness, power, and bone to the next level!! WINGMAN is a boar we bred here at Premium Blend Genetics that we are very proud of! Not only is he extremely impressive in his phenotype, he offers a different blend of pedigree that is rich in champion showpig heritage!! Sired by the incredibly popular and successful Anchorman and out of a Dirty South x Blurred Vision sow who was the 2019 The Exposition Jr Show Grand Overall Crossbred Gilt!

WINGMAN may very well be the heaviest boned, biggest footed boar we have ever owned. He is enormous in his bone and foot, with huge, evenly spaced toes. He immediately catches your attention as he drives right at you, high headed and showing off his broad chest floor! As you analyze him from the side profile, he is so unique in his ability to be moderate in his length and height to his frame, while still being proportionate and attractive through his front end. He has an impeccable hip design and is very athletic with tremendous reach!

When we made this mating, we knew we were taking a big swing in hopes of making a boar that was built to make a difference - IT WORKED! WINGMAN has been extremely popular boar tours and is seeing heavy use in many of the elite sow herds in the country!!

WINGMAN pushes every edge of the envelope but holds it all together and we are confident he can make a big change in a hurry . We think WINGMAN is pure and simply a BEAST!

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