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Quite Frankly X Tricked Out's Littermate Sister

Bred by Decker Showpigs

Stress: NEG 

Take a walk on the WILD SIDE!!! Wow, this one is absolutely WILD and unlike anything we have ever seen before! WILD SIDE is our private treaty weanling boar purchase from Decker Showpigs. We had been hearing about this one for a long time, and he absolutely lived up to the hype! WILD SIDE’S pedigree reads (Quite Frankly x Tricked Out’s Littermate Sister)!!! As we have always alluded to, Tricked Out came out of one of the deepest, most successful litters in recent times, and his sisters were all incredible in their own right. WILD SIDE’S mother was the gilt that the Spray Family in Indiana showed that was a class winner at the 2021 Indiana State Fair Jr Show! That pedigree alone is enough to make this boar incredibly value, but that is only where the fun begins. WILD SIDE offers so many unique and very far-reaching traits in one package, it stretched the limits of what we thought was possible. He is the kind of boar that can make a serious change in one generation! A truly incredible individual---WILD SIDE!

WILD SIDE is extremely stout, bold, and powerful. He is very rugged and heavy duty in his build and offers extreme width and power from front to rear. He is unreal in his ability to offer such extreme power and stoutness, while combining that with the wildest look you can imagine. He is super tall shouldered and elevated through the front portion of his skeleton, with a striking build when viewed from the side. To be this stout in his skull and masculine in his head shape, while still being so long neck, tight throated, and attractive, is something you truly must see to believe! He is a boar that will stop you in your tracks, impressing and “wowing” from every view and angle! WILD SIDE is one of the most unique individuals we have ever laid eyes on and his popularity with visitors has been absolutely off the charts!! It takes boars like this to make the ones that can win the big ones!! WILD SIDE!!!

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