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Tricked Out x Cruel Intentions x Dirty Secret

Bred by S&K Showpigs

Stress: NEG EN:  Reg#:

WIDE AWAKE!!! This special boar is our $310,000 private bid-off weanling purchase from S&K Showpigs this spring. WIDE AWAKE created a tremendous amount of excitement from those that had seen him before we purchased him and the interest and demand since has been as high as any we have added! When it was decided he would be bid off, we knew we needed to see him in person as it would likely be a very large investment. As soon as we saw him, we felt we were looking at a sire prospect that had the ability to become a once-in-a-generation type of animal. The beast he has turned into makes us even more excited about what he can do! WIDE AWAKE takes the best of every sire we have housed and combines them into a package that demands your attention in an instant! WIDE AWAKE is one that you truly have to see in person to believe. There are no words that can do him justice. His ability to combine so many wild parts and pieces in a square, functional, correct package is truly mind blowing!

WIDE AWAKE’s pedigree is absolutely stacked with legends of the industry! Sired by the great Tricked Out with his dam being a Cruel Intentions x Dirty Secret sow that is known as “Patricia” at Stauffer’s. “Patricia” had a tremendous run highlighted by being the 2021 Expo Champion Division 3 Gilt, and the 2021 NJSS Champion Division 3 Gilt!!! Her Dirty Secret grandmother is also the mother of Affliction, the 2022 OYE Champion Division 2 Crossbred Gilt and has had an enormous impact @ S&K through her daughters as well as winners and successes at the very highest levels! We believe WIDE AWAKE has a chance to be a legend in the showpig industry. One look and you’ll be WIDE AWAKE!!! Very special stuff!!

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