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Next Intenion x Cruel Intentions

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


WHITE LIGHTNING!!! They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but we truly think it has with this incredible solid white son of Next Intention!! We say that in reference to the fact that we believe lightning struck again when WHITE LIGHTNING was born, creating a solid white version of his incredible sire!!

We had heard about this special boar for a while and upon seeing him, we were absolutely blown away!! Sired by the living legend NEXT INTENTION, back on a Cruel Intention x (Without Question and No Doubts littermate sister) female, WHITE LIGHTNING is bred to be a dominating sire! His mother is a full sibling to the 2019 State Fair of Texas Reserve Grand Gilt, as well as Maya McCoy's Division Champion Barrow at 2019 Ohio State Fair. This makes WHITE LIGHTNING a full-sib in blood to Next Contestant and Come On Down, also standing here at Premium Blend Genetics!!

WHITE LIGHTNING has been EXTREMELY popular with people that saw him at Brockman's and now visitors here at Premium Blend! We can't wait to see what his boar can accomplish!! Whether you are needing to make "Southwest Yorks" for classifying shows or incredible blues, we think WHITE LIGHTNING will strike and make a lasting impact!!

As we discussed above, the easiest way to describe just how special this boar is, would be that we view him as a solid white version of Next Intention--he is that good!! He is incredibly unique in his ability to combine so much power, mass, and shape in a good looking, square, correct package! He comes at you so bold and powerful and maintains this width throughout his skeleton! WHITE LIGHTNING explodes out of his blade with a deep, defined groove running all the way back to his hip! He exhibits a very bold sprung rib cage and carries this down with tremendous depth of flank and body shape. The overall width and power that WHITE LIGHTNING offers is even more impressive by the fact that he remains so true and square at the ground off both ends, while maintaining athleticism and comfort on the move!! Simply put, he does it all and then some!!

We think this is one of the very best boars we have on stud here at Premium Blend--WHITE LIGHTNING!!

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