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Statement Day x Last Drop

Bred by Stewart’s Duroc Farm

Stress: NEG    EN: 36-1    Reg#: 436121001


WAYMAKER is the $290,000 Co-World Record Selling Duroc boar we purchased from Doug Stewart at the 2023 The Exposition!!! WAYMAKER has been one of the most popular purchases ever here at PBG!! WAYMAKER has that special look of a breed changer!!! He is incredibly heavy boned, enormous footed, and reads with unreal stoutness everywhere you study him. As you study him from the side, he offers an extra attractive look and combines all those power traits described above with immaculate design and build, perfect structural correctness and athleticism—with an angle to his blade, shoulder and forearm that is very rare to find in one built like this! WAYMAKER is loaded with power from end to end and offers all the extras you could ever dream of in one package!!! He is a very special creature!!!

It gets even better as you dive into WAYMAKER’S pedigree!! To start, WAYMAKER’s comes from the legendary Stewart Durocs herd. Doug Stewart is extremely well respected and known for making Duroc hogs that can perform in the show ring at the highest levels and more importantly, breed on and make the next generation better!! WAYMAKER’S genetic package is absolutely loaded with elite individuals that have made a difference in the Duroc breed! WAYMAKER is sired by Statement Day and back on a Last Drop x Structure sow who is also the mother of Whip & Spur. Special boars like this come from big time breeding programs with the genetic background to back it up! The list of impactful Duroc boars and sows that are stacked in his pedigree give us absolute confidence in his ability to generate elite livestock!!! WAYMAKER is certainly one of the most popular boars we have purchased and we believe he has the chance to be a legend in the Duroc breed!!

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