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Ice x Grand Prix

Bred by Hi Point Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 19-2    Reg#: 514931002


WATCH THIS is one flat out incredible Hampshire boar!!! WATCH THIS is sired by the extremely popular ICE (now here at PBG)!! ICE is off to a blazing start so far making high selling baby pigs that have hit the ring running as soon as show season started! WATCH THIS’S Mother is sired by Grand Prix (Grand Entrance x World Class’s Littermate Sister) sow!! His pedigree is loaded with so many of the great boars and breeders in the Hampshire breed!

WATCH THIS offers an unbelievable amount of power, width, and muscle!! From the side, he offers a striking look, being so elevated and extended through his head and neck, yet so stout skulled and masculine in his jawline. From the side, he balances up with perfect proportions, an attractive design and the ideal length of body. He comes and goes with extreme width and power, yet remains so square in his build and fluid in his movement! He is loaded up with the kind of muscle shape and expression the Hampshire breed is famous for, yet that muscle pattern is long and lays across his skeleton so comfortably!! WATCH THIS offers a perfect Hampshire head, skull, and ear set and looks like the kind that can make Hampshire gilts and barrows that can win the “overall” banners! We think this boar is an absolute game changer for the Hampshire breed! Thanks to Brent and Tom and the rest of the crew there at Hi Point for the opportunity to purchase this special creature!! WATCH THIS!!!!

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