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Range Wars x The Master

Bred by DCM Durocs N Hampshires

Stress: NEG    EN: 8-3    Reg#: 502422003


(Range Wars x The Master)
Bred By: DCM/Dave Martin

WARPATH!! What a stud of a Hampshire boar we purchased at the Indiana State Fair Crossbred Classic from DCM. He was exhibited in the crossbred show as an off-belt purebred Hampshire and ended up being the top-selling boar in the Crossbred sale. We had seen pictures of WARPATH prior to Indy and started hearing buzz on him before the show!

We had been searching for an elite Hampshire boar with great Breed Composition Test numbers and knew WARPATH was the Hampshire boar we needed to own! We are very excited about his potential!

WARPATH is excellent in his ability to be attractive, good looking, and flexible, while still reading like a true breeding hog in terms of stoutness of feature and heaviness of structure! He is very stout and masculine about his skull and jaw yet is still extended and elevated through his neck. He offers loads of muscle expression and shape with an impressive turn to his upper rib and really good depth of body!

It's time to go to war making better Hampshires--WARPATH!!

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