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Jasper x Dominator

Bred by Stohlquist Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 5-1    Reg#: 647882001


WALKS ALONE!! This Yorkshire boar is absolutely unreal! When Ryan sent us this video, we knew we were looking at one of the most special ones of any breed we had ever seen. We couldn't wait to make the trip to see him in person, and he honestly was even more impressive than we could have imagined. This is a Yorkshire boar that truly has it all!! Genetically, WALKS ALONE combines some of the most impressive Yorkshire's that have been exhibited in recent times.

He is sired by JASPER, the $300,000 2020 STC Grand York Boar we purchased from Rodibaugh’s!! Jasper is off to an absolutely incredible start as a sire generating pigs that are very impressive through every stage of their maturation process. Not only are they impressive right out of the gate, but also have the right maturity and growth pattern to feed at a very high level and WIN BIG. JASPER pigs are finding the backdrop early and often and we expect him to have a major impact on the Yorkshire breed!! WALKS ALONE'S mother is a (Dominator x Capital Gain) sow that was Ethan Stohlquist's 2019 NJSS 4th Overall Yorkshire gilt and was an absolute creature in her own right!! That sow would also be a littermate sister to Domino and the 2019 The Exposition Reserve Grand Overall Barrow (Champion York)!!

Visually, WALKS ALONE is one of the most impressive individuals we have ever laid eyes on. He not only offers extremes in nearly every area, but does so in a very functional, complete, balanced package—-a combination that is nearly impossible to find! From the side, he is unbelievable in the look he gives you starting at the front of his skeleton, being tall shouldered, extended and attractive with a stout skull and masculine jawline. He ties in high out of his neck with a smooth transition to a bold set of shoulder blades! As you analyze the top side of his skeleton, he offers extreme shape and expression with a crisp turn to his loin edge with a rolled up back. His ham/loin hookup is smooth and the shape and muscularity he has from the top of his hip, carries down low through his rump and twist! Maybe most impressively, his hind leg is enormous, yet still functions at an incredibly high level with set to his hock and tremendous range of motion out of his hip and hind leg.

We could go on for a long time about how special we think this one is. One of the best boars we have ever seen—we think he truly WALKS ALONE!

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