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PBG Boars



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Walks Alone x Amped Up x Capital Gain

Bred by Stohlquist Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 17-1    Reg#: 656630001


WOW!!! This special Yorkshire boar can flat out WALK THE WALK!! WALKS THE WALK’S sire—-Walks Alone, is off to a tremendous start and finding an elite son was an absolute priority. When we saw WALK THE WALK, we were confident we had found him! We believe he offers the same kind of elite phenotypic quality as his sire in an even more extreme, far-reaching package!! WALK THE WALK is out of an exceptional litter, including the impressive barrow being shown by the Hendrickson Family this summer with an incredible amount of success so far! He was named 2022 NJSS Third Overall Yorkshire Barrow!! Additionally, WALK THE WALK’S mother produced the Soileau Family’s 2021 The Exposition 3rd Overall Yorkshire Barrow!!!

WALK THE WALK offers a freakish build, has an incredible presence, and is crazy stout and heavy boned! His front feet are strong with huge feet and toes! He is busted open with incredible mass and power! He is sharp fronted, very expressive in his muscle pattern, and is absolutely built for speed!! He can do it ALL!! This is a Yorkshire boar that is bred to be a generator of elite Yorkshires that can compete for the “overall” banners!! Even better, he possesses the special phenotypic characteristics and traits to back it up, he can absolutely WALK THE WALK!!!

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