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PBG Boars



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Cobra x Witch Hunt

Bred by Foote Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 96-3    Reg#: 54405003


VENOM—Wow we absolutely love this one!!! This Poland China boar is DEADLY!!! VENOM is an incredible STRESS NEGATIVE son of the great COBRA boar here at PBG and back on an awesome Witch Hunt sow!! That’s a very powerful combination of two extreme, breed changing Poland China boars! VENOM puts the extreme traits that have made Cobra and Witch Hunt such impactful Poland China boars into one dynamite package!! Obviously, with the unreal start to the siring careers of ALL DUE RESPECT and COBRA, we went straight back to the man who created them this Summer to find what we believe can be the next big time Poland China boar! Huge thanks again to Jason Foote at Foote Farms for the incredible opportunity to own such a special Poland China boar! VENOM saw a BUNCH of sows at Foote Farms and the early reports have indicated that VENOM has a chance to take the Poland China breed to a whole new level!!!

VENOM offers the special kind of design, build and skeletal flexibility of his sire, and brings way more in terms of extreme width, mass, and sheer POWER!! He has a very unique and unforgettable presence and look from the side that should enable his offspring to elevate and rise above the competition! Use VENOM to make those deadly Poland barrows and show gilts that can compete for the overall banners!!! VENOM!

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