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Family Ties x Dirty Secret (Never Before's Littermate

Bred by Bobell Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


Family Ties x Never Before’s littermate sister

Bred By: Bobell Farms

Stress Negative

VARSITY BLUES is our $40,000 weanling purchase at the 2019 Perfect Timing Pig Sale!!

Without question, VARSITY BLUES has proven to be one of the more popular purchases we have made ashe combines so much look but with the mass & bone that is difficult to find ! His unique combination of stoutness, build, and true muscle shape make him one that has been incredibly popular with visitors so far this Winter/Spring. He was a truly impressive baby pig that has stayed true and consistent in his maturation, never missing a beat or having a bad day! If you liked him at PT, you will absolutely love him now!

VARSITY BLUES is bred to be an elite showpig sire!! Sired by our very popular Family Ties, who is off to a blazing start to his siring career. His mother is a littermate to the dominating Never Before!! He’s got the goods to back it up!!

This one is a flat-out stud! He is deadly from the side profile, being very proportionate and square in his build. He is tall shouldered, attractive in his head and neck, while still being very stout featured. He explodes out of the backside of his blade with a deep groove running all the way back. He is very thick and full in the shape he offers from the top side of his skeleton down through his stifle and inner thigh. VARSITY BLUES is cracked open in the base of his chest, through his knee, to the ground and offers that same power and squareness as he tracks away.

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