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Jasper x Times Up x Leaps & Bounds

Bred by Klimer & Hege

Stress: NEG    EN: 27-2    Reg#: 644711002



(Jasper x Times Up x Leaps & Bounds)

Bred By: Kilmer Swine Farm & Hege Family

TURNING POINT is our $100,000 top selling of all breeds purchase from the 2021 “The Draft” Virtual Sire Sale!!!!

Wow! TURNING POINT is one incredible Yorkshire boar!! For starters, he is absolutely loaded with Yorkshire breed legends for several generations being sired by the great JASPER, the $300,000 2020 STC Grand York Boar we purchased from Rodibaugh’s!! Jasper is off to a blazing start as a sire generating pigs that are very sellable as babies, yet have the right maturity pattern to feed at a very high level. JASPER pigs are finding the backdrop early and often and we expect him to have a major impact on the Yorkshire breed!! TURNING POINT’s mother is a Times Up x Leaps & Bounds sow that is out of the legendary Summer ‘20 Kilmer York litter that included the 2020 NJSS Grand Overall Gilt, 5th Overall Yorkshire gilt (Mother of TURNING POINT) , 4th Overall Division 3 York Gilt, as well as Fight Club and Knockout. Additionally the Leaps & Bounds grandmother is the foundation of all of the recent success that Kilmer Swine Farm has had in the Yorkshire breed!! Her list of accomplishments and winnings is too long to list in this space. On top of all this, TURNING POINT is out of an incredible litter that included both of the Kilmer/Hege high selling “The Draft” entries but also with several mates selling high as babies that are already winning shows!! All of this is a long way to say TURNING POINT is not only incredible to look at, his genetic makeup give us extreme confidence in his ability as a sire!! He has us pumped up about Yorkshire’s!!

TURNING POINT is a boar that is so impressive from every angle. From the side profile, he gives an incredible view, being tall shouldered and extended through his head/neck, yet is very rugged and stout in his skull with a masculine jawline. He is a shorter bodied boar, yet still is very proportional with length of hip, and extension from his blade forward. TURNING POINT is a very stout, muscular hog that is bold and dimensional through the center portion of his body. The spring to his upper rib and natural depth of flank he offers is very impressive and he packs a big punch as you get on top of him. With all these extremes, he remains extremely comfortable and flexible with ideal angles to both ends of his skeleton. Thanks to the Kilmer and Hege Families for offering up such a tremendous Yorkshire boar. We think TURNING POINT has an opportunity to make a big splash!!


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