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PBG Boars



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Statement Day x Maximus

Bred by Tres Amigos

Stress: NEG    EN: 19-2    Reg#: 437589002


TRIPLE THREAT!!! This exciting new Duroc boar is our $100,000 2023 EXPO Grand Champion Duroc bred by Tres Amigos that is a littermate to the 2023 The Exposition Grand Overall Purebred Barrow! TRIPLE THREAT is a true POWER hog that brings bulk and mass in a tremendously functional and agile package! He is masculine in his skull and jawline, while still offering awesome length of neck and a very attractive look up front! TRIPLE THREAT is an extremely heavy structured boar, standing on extremely large legs, with huge feet and impeccable toe quality! From the side, TRIPLE THREAT offers a deadly look—being tall shouldered, level in his back line, with proportions that allow him to balance to such a high degree! He is so impressive as he comes and goes, driving at you with a big, bold chest floor and as he tracks away he shows off a big hip and rump with an ideal perfect hind leg design! We believe TRIPLE THREAT is a very special Duroc boar that can make a lasting impact on the Duroc Breed!! Gilts, barrows & boars - he is a TRIPLE THREAT!!!

TRIPLE THREAT’S genetic heritage gets us even more excited about his future generating potential!! He brings an absolutely power packed pedigree being sired by Statement Day, back on a Maximus x Class Act sow that is proving herself to be a special kind of generator. In addition to TRIPLE THREAT and the 2023 The Exposition Grand Overall Purebred Barrow, she is also the mother of Emily Myers’ Grand Overall Barrow at the 2022 Indiana State Fair Jr Show! TRIPLE THREAT has elite individuals stacked up on both sides of his pedigree! To put it very simply, we think TRIPLE THREAT is one truly special Duroc boar that is ready to make a major impact on the Duroc breed!!!

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