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Tricked Out x Next Intention x Never Before

Bred by Doughty & Grove

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TRICK OR TREAT is our $19,000 weanling boar purchase from Doughty & Grove Showpigs at The Invasion sale in Texas! We had heard there was a special calico son of Tricked Out at the sale and when we saw the video, we knew he was one we needed to add to the arsenal here at PBG! TRICK OR TREAT is sired by Tricked Out, one of the most successful boars ever at PBG,and his mother is a Next Intention x Never Before sow that has quite the story as well! She was a $20,000 gilt the year prior, and her Never Before mother was the 2019 Arizona National Grand Overall Gilt! We have seen time after time how well the Next Intention works on Never Before sows, and TRICK OR TREAT’S sire and dam boast the Next Intention x Never Before genetic package! Lining that up should only intensify the extreme traits that genetic line is known for, giving us an extreme amount of confidence in what TRICK OR TREAT can accomplish as a sire! If you need a wild look to stand out in a crowd—TRICK OR TREAT!

TRICK OR TREAT is a boar that truly exemplifies Tricked Out at his very best! The wild look, huge legs, back shape and spread, were all traits that Tricked Out consistently stamped his offspring with, and TRICK OR TREAT is all those things! He offers freakish look and extension, while being extremely elevated at the point of his shoulder. He offers a striking view from the side with ideal proportions, attractive build, and a natural presence that cannot be denied! He comes and goes with an immense amount of power, exhibiting width from the topside of his skeleton to the ground! As you analyze the top side of his skeleton, he exhibits so much spread and mass from end to end. In addition to all this, TRICK OR TREAT is built for speed and can get out and strut with incredible athleticism. This boar has been so impressive through every stage of his development and has what it takes to have a major impact---TRICK OR TREAT!

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