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Tricked Out x The Reckoning's Littermate Sister

Bred by Wintex Farms

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TRIAGE!!! Better pay close attention to this one! We think he has a chance to be an absolute legend!! We have purchased lots boars from Wintex Farms and can honestly say this pair of new additions (TRIAGE and the Duroc boar--WTX 312) have us as excited as any we have ever purchased from them! TRIAGE is sired by the legendary Tricked Out and his mother is a littermate sister to The Reckoning that Wintex Farms acquired from Tres Amigos Showpigs! If you are familiar with the generating potency of that sow line at Tres Amigos, you know that makes the genetic makeup behind TRIAGE incredibly valuable in terms of consistently generating elite livestock! We think TRIAGE has that special ability to combine so many far-reaching traits into one package, while also packing such a powerful genetic punch that should ensure he generates those traits at a very consistent level! If he does, his offspring are going to win a BUNCH of shows!! We absolutely love this boar! TRIAGE!

TRIAGE absolutely blew us away and he has all the traits you would expect coming from a game-changing crossbred boar at Wintex Farms! TRIAGE has an undeniable look and a presence that immediately grabs your attention and won’t let go! He is so attractive through the front portion of his body, being elevated at the point of his shoulder, long and extended through his head and neck, while still offering the stoutness of feature through his jawline, forehead, and overall skull shape to look like a true generator! He is overwhelming in his spread and dimension up high with a massive back that maintains consistent width and spread from front to rear. He is packed full of product and shows off a big groove and a sharp turn to his loin edge. What’s most impressive is that for the amount of power that TRIAGE is packing on the top side of his skeleton, he is able to maintain that immense spread all the way down to the ground without deviating in that width, allowing TRIAGE to present equally impressive views as he drives right at you and drives away! The spring and shape to his upper rib is incredible and as we just mentioned that look he gives from the rear view is captivating with a big pin set, huge rump, and flare to his inner thigh muscle down through to his stifle joint. Even more impressive is that TRIAGE exhibits perfect angles to his shoulder/front foot, as well as the ideal slope to his hip, which allows him to motor and function to such a high degree! He can pack all that heat while still being so flexible and athletic, with an unreal running gear!! Talking with Will and Jay there at Wintex Farms, they stated that they felt as strongly about the potential of TRIAGE as any crossbred boar they have raised in a long time!!!! That is a very big statement, especially with the unbelievable legacy of Wintex Farms and their ability to make industry-changing sires and barrows and gilts that win the biggest ones, but one look at TRIAGE and you’ll understand where that extreme confidence that they have in his generating ability comes from!! Get in here---he’s got “it”!!! TRIAGE!!!

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