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New Era x Never Say Never x Shock Collar

Bred by Corya Showpigs & Cael Fischer

Stress: NEG    EN: 34-6    Reg#: 591930006


TRANSFROMER--an absolute stud of a Hereford boar we purchased from our good friends at Corya Showpigs! Its no secret that the Corya's have flat been putting good ones of multiple breeds together for many years and most recently that success has reached a very high level in the Hereford breed. The foundation of females they have put together, coupled with their incredible run last summer in the Herf rings made them the logical destination to find our next Herf boar!

Sired by New Era and out of a sow that produced the 2019 The Exposition Champion Hereford Gilt, 2019 Team Purebred Jr Nationals Reserve Herford Gilt, and 2019 Indiana State Fair Jr Show Champion Hereford Gilt! We were instantly interested and maintained contact over the next couple months and are thrilled to have purchased this incredible boar!! TRANSFORMER is one that can take your Hereford program to the next level!

TRANSFORMER is one that is so impressive as you study his phenotype yet gets even more exciting as you dive into the genetic punch that he brings to the table, backing up the visual characteristics that make him so appealing. From the side, he is awesome in his pattern and build, being tall shouldered, elevated, and level in his topline. As he comes and goes, he does so with tremendous mass and width. He maintains true squareness of skeleton and exhibits flexibility and overall structural correctness as he drives around the yard.

If we were going to draw up our dream Hereford, TRANSFORMER is it! A Hereford boar that can transform and change them in one generation - he is one impressive specimen!! Hereford females may be hard to find this fall as lots of visitors have left our place committed to buying one!

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