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Inside Track x Timings Right x Organized Chaos

Bred by Premium Blend Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 107-5    Reg#: 165313005


TRACK RECORD is an unreal Landrace boar with an absolutely stacked genetic package to back it up!! He has been a standout from the start!! Sired by Inside Track, the $55,000 record selling Landrace boar we purchased from Mitchem at Expo last summer. He is off to a blazing start racking up lots of champions so far this show season!! TRACK RECORD’S mother is most famously known as the “Guyer Gilt”, who was the $54,000 World Record Selling, dominating Summer ‘21 Landrace show gilt that was bred Brattain and exhibited by the Guyer Family! This sow is one of the most impressive females of any breed or color we have ever seen!! TRACK RECORD combines the extremes of both of his parents into one incredible package!

Simply put, he’s got it ALL!! TRACK RECORD is one truly special individual that we feel has a chance to leave a legacy in the Landrace breed!! TRACK RECORD gives you an unforgettable look as he drives at you with a bold chest floor and a stout skull! He is incredibly stout, bold, and powerful from every angle! He is packed full of power and muscle shape and exhibits a very crisp, descript muscle pattern! As you study him from the side profile, he is so attractive in his look and proportional in his build. He offers ideal angles to both ends of his skeleton, which give him the ability to motor aggressively with tremendous stamina—he never misses a step! TRACK RECORD is an EXTREMELY exciting individual and has been one of the most popular boars of any breed, color, or ear set! Look in here! He has Landrace breed royalty running through his veins and the goods to back it up! We believe TRACK RECORD has a chance to be a legend in the Landrace breed!

****(Landrace Breed Points +6)****

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