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FJ 354 x Family Jewels

Bred by Kale Boysen Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 17-8    Reg#: 168387008


TOP SHELF! This tremendous Berkshire boar was our $45,000 purchase from Kale Boysen at the 2021 STC in Springfield where he was the winner of Class 1 Berkshire boars!! We had heard significant chatter on this one prior to the show, and when he hit the ring, we thought he was one of the more unique Berkshire boars we had seen brought out in some time and we were pumped up to get him bought!!

From a pedigree standpoint, TOP SHELF is as good as it gets! He is a double bred Family Jewels, being sired by B354 and back on a Family Jewels sow. B354 is a (Family Jewels x Outside The Lines) son at Heimer’s. He was a littermate to the 2020 NWSS Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow. B354’s mother was the very popular Grand Champion Berk Gilt at Duncan in ‘18 and was a littermate to the 2018 American Royal Reserve Grand Overall Barrow!! Additionally, TOP SHELF’S mother was the 2020 OYE Reserve Berkshire Gilt, who also produced the 2021 Houston Reserve Berkshire Gilt (Full Sib to TOP SHELF) TOP SHELF has an incredible genetic background loaded with championship bloodlines with the phenotypic power to back it up!

TOP SHELF is very unique in his ability to be so freaky in his look from his blade forward, while transitioning to a bold chest floor, and massive center dimension. He comes at you busted open and instantly impresses as you view the top side of his skeleton, exploding out of the backside of his blade with spread and power and maintaining it all the way back. He offers extreme turn to his upper rib shape and maintains great depth of flank and body mass. He has a big hip, and carries this product down through his rump, with flair to his inner thigh. At the surface, TOP SHELF is so impressive with big legs and huge feet, with awesome toes that point in the right direction. This boar represents so much good into one package.

We think TOP SHELF is one absolutely tremendous Berkshire boar! When it’s time to breed your best Berkshire sow, reach for the TOP SHELF!

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