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Tricked Out x Cruel Intentions

Bred by Steve & Mark Gray Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


WOW!!! This is big time stuff here!! It should be a very fun ride with these three littermate boars we purchased from Mark Gray Showpigs!! We have strong belief that they have a chance to be some of the next legendary crossbred boars here at PBG!!! Obviously with the early success and popularity of Tricked Out as well as Quite Frankly and No Stranger being 2 of the most popular boars ever at PBG, when the opportunity to purchase 3 littermate boars that combine those genetics of those sires and sows in this incredible genetic package was a purchase we absolutely had to make happen! It has been incredible to watch these boars develop. While each littermate boar has their own certain areas where they are uniquely different and offer some very far reaching traits---they all have one thing in common--they are all very elite creatures that have a chance to make a major impact on the industry!! Hold on tight, it should be exciting to see what they can accomplish!!

TO THE EXTREME!!! ----TO THE EXTREME is one absolutely incredible young boar that has caused about as much excitement amongst visitors as any we have ever rolled out!! He has been seeing very heavy use in some of the most elite sow herds in the country!!! TO THE EXTREME was purchased in The Exchange as a young pig for $60,000. We doubled down after the auction and purchased his littermate (Fully Loaded) and then tripled down and bought the third littermate boar off the farm (HEAR ME NOW)!!! They are sired by the late, great Tricked Out and out of Quite Frankly and No Stranger’s mom!!! That sow is a Cruel Intentions x Red Alert and is well on her way to becoming an absolute legend in the showpig industry! In additon to all of the incredible individuals she has produced so far, her littermate sister was the $125,000 Record Selling Bred Female in Hilty Showpigs Summer '22 Bred Female Sale!! Obviously, TO THE EXTREME represents a VERY special genetic package that gives us an extreme level of confidence in his generating ability!!! It is difficult to describe in words just how special we think this boar is and the impact we believe he will have. He is absolutely loaded with “IT” factor and combines the elite physical traits of the boars represented in his pedigree and takes them “To The Extreme”!!!

TO THE EXTREME combines so many freakish, far reaching traits into a package that is still incredibly functional, square, and correct! He has an absolutely wild look with a natural presence that can’t be denied. He is a monster in his width and power with huge legs and an extremely stout skeleton! He has it ALL!!! A truly rare individual!!! Simply, we feel very fortunate to own TO THE EXTREME and offer him to our customers! We have firm belief in his ability to be a consistent generator of champions at the highest levels and on the biggest stages!

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