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Times Change x Speak Up

Bred by Lindner Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 107-8    Reg#: 181330082


TIMES SQAURE is our $15,000 weanling Spot boar purchase from Lindner Showpigs at the 2022 King’s Of The Hill Pig Sale! Luke had posted pictures of his entries prior to King’s and when I saw this pigs picture I thought he looked extremely impressive and was looking forward to seeing him at the sale. During the preview, TIMES SQUARE really stood out within a great set of pigs as a Spot boar that had so much good to offer and looked like one with the features and indicators to be a generator. As you get into his genetic package, it gets even more exciting. TIMES SQUARE is sired by the great Times Change (No Words x Smart Mouth) boar at Underdog Genetics that has had a great run! Times Square mother is a Speak Up x Full Throttle that was bred by Team Sloan Livestock. As a show gilt she was named Champion Spot Gilt at San Antonio, San Angelo, and Houston last Winter! It’s exciting to find an elite spot boar that combines so much good from a phenotypic standpoint, while offering a genetic package that includes so many of the Spotted breed’s great breeding hogs! Take a stroll into the big city and bright lights with TIMES SQUARE!

TIMES SQUARE is truly one of the most different Spot boars we have seen in sometime. He has incredible elevation and extension through his front 1/3, while still offering an extremely stout skull and a masculine jawline. He is busted open with width and power, and has a very expressive muscle pattern working across his skeleton. When you stand back and view him from the side, he is so unique in his look and build, and just has that presence of a boar that can make those offspring that can stand out in the big rings!

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