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PBG Boars



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Gang Signs x Nailed It x Voodoo (Dorothy)

Bred by Cooper & Flash

Stress: NEG    EN: 30-3    Reg#: 53280003



(Gang Signs x Nailed It x Voodoo)

Bred By: Cooper & Flash

Stress Carrier

***THROWIN’ SETS littermate brother just named 2021 Houston Champion Poland Barrow***

THROWIN’ SETS is our incredible off the farm Poland boar purchase from Cooper & Flash!! We have been on the hunt for elite Poland options that offered some genetic diversity for our customers to use on Black Mamba daughters. When we initially got the video of THROWIN’ SETS, we immediately knew this was one we needed to own! After learning more about the genetic background of THROWIN’ SETS we got even more excited!! We think this is one special Poland boar!!

THROWIN’ SETS is a Poland boar built to make a change!! Sired by the popular Gang Signs boar at Foote’s and out of Hadley Cooper’s “DOROTHY” gilt from Foote Farms who sold for $40,000 at ‘19 OYE and will go down as one of the most popular and successful Poland show gilts of all time! From a phenotypic standpoint, THROWIN’ SETS represents extreme breeding traits to move and shake the breed. He is incredibly bold and stout with crazy back shape and expression! From the side, he gives you an attractive view being tall shouldered, level in his build with a long, level hip design. With all this power and mass he still remains flexible on the move with great reach and range of motion off both ends. He has been extremely popular with visitors and has already seen heavy use within our herd and many other elite Poland sow herds across the country!

Let everyone know who you represent-THROWIN’ SETS!

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