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Backdraft x Clydesdale x Back Road

Bred by RW Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 123-3    Reg#: 419561003


THROWBACK is our exciting off the farm purchase from Rick Whitman that was an absolute must own boar!! We had been looking for a boar built like this to compliment our current Duroc lineup and as soon as we saw THROWBACK drive out onto the grass, we knew he was the one!! THROWBACK offers a very unique combination of bloodlines and genetic makeup resulting in one exceptional Duroc boar that can be used on a wide variety of red sows!! Sired by the very popular and successful Backdraft, THROWBACK offers those unique outlier pieces that his sire is known for! THROWBACK’s mother is a Clydesdale x Backroad sow.

On our tour at RW Genetics, we were lucky enough to see both Clydesdale and Back Road and it gave us even more confidence in the generating ability that THROWBACK brings to the table. THROWBACK is a true masterpiece bred by one of the most influential Duroc breeders! Thanks again to Rick for the opportunity to purchase this special Duroc boar!!

THROWBACK is incredibly stout, wide, and powerful, while still being very correct, square, and flexible with a great look up front!! As stated above, he comes from the breeder of some of the most influential Duroc boars of all time, here comes maybe the most unique, far reaching boar to come from the legendary RW Genetics firm!! Rick is VERY proud of this boar!!

A true “Throwback” kind of Duroc boar in terms of his extreme power, and overall stoutness, yet combines some very unique, futuristic traits to move and shake! THROWBACK has been extremely popular amongst visitors on tours, with great feedback from several of the best Duroc breeders in the country! We expect him to have a major impact on the breed!

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