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Judgement Day x The Proposal

Bred by Bobell Farms

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TESTIFY!!! This incredible young boar is our $52,500 weanling boar purchase from Bobell Farms at the Bobell Farms farm sale this Spring!! TESTIFY hit us like a ton of bricks as soon as we saw him and as high as our expectations were, TESTIFY has blown away all those expectations and has developed into one of our favorite young boars we have ever had here at PBG!!! TESTIFY is sired by the great Judgement Day boar here at PBG that is off to an absolutely incredible start siring champions as soon as his pigs started to hit the ring that are now starting to hang banners on the biggest stages!! TESTIFY’S mother is a The Proposal x Never Before sow that ties in all of the most potent sow lines at Bobell Farms that have been responsible for a staggering amount of show ring success, as well as so many boars that have made an impact on the industry!! TESTIFY comes from an extremely good litter of pigs, including a littermate sister that was her class at the ‘23 The Exposition! TESTIFY is one of those truly special individuals that we believe can have a very long lasting impact on the showpig industry!

TESTIFY simply does it all!! He is boxy in his build, with a tremendous amount of capacity and width from end to end! He opens with a monster chest floor, blends back into impressive shape to his fore rib and maintains that depth back through to his flank. From the side he presents a perfect look, being tall and elevated at the point of his shoulder, extended in hick—yet so stout and rugged in his head and skull shape. He offers ideal proportions, being the right kind of length of body to sire dominating barrows, boars, and gilts that can win at the highest levels! His hip and rump design allow him to motor and drive with elite athleticism, which should enable his offspring to stand the test of the long drives to the backdrop! Even more impressive, when you get on top of him, TESTIFY offers an immense amount of spread and power, with a deep groove and crisp turn to his loin. He is packed with power throughout, and as you study his indicators—he truly reads with stoutness at every look with huge legs, enormous feet, and stout skull, and big tail root! As you can probably tell, we absolutely love this boar and have the highest level of confidence in what he can generate! We have purchased some incredible individuals from Bobell Farms, and we believe that this one has a chance to have the same kind of impact!! TESTIFY!!!

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