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Stands Proud x Pioneer

Bred by Olsen Yorkshires

Stress: NEG    EN: 235-5    Reg#: 411074005



(Stands Proud x Pioneer)

Bred By: Olsen Yorkshires

TAKE A STAND! The 2020 SWTC Champion Duroc boar that we are very proud to have in stud. He rose to the top of a very tough Duroc boar show in Belton and did so in impressive fashion! TAKE A STAND comes from a breeding program that is known for producing dominating breeding stock that breeds on true and makes the next generation better, we think TAKE A STAND has a chance to be a very special sire!

What made TAKE A STAND so impressive @ Belton was his tremendous hip & hind leg design and his extreme flexibility & athleticism. What makes him even more impressive now is the overall mass and stoutness he has added as he has matured.

TAKE A STAND is a boar that is so impressive in his ability to combine so much good into one very complete, fault free package, but still offers the extremes and some "ests" that it takes to surface and win at the highest levels! He is so bold and busted open with a broad chest floor, is big in his blade, and impressive in the spring to his rib!

He is a very attractive hog, being tall shouldered, elevated and extended.

We liked him a ton at the show and we think he has matured into a next-level boar a chance to win big and making better Duroc boars, barrows, and gilts!!

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