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White Noise x Family Ties

Bred by Goss Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


SURROUND SOUND is the $70,000 top selling weanling pig at the 2023 Chosen Ones Pig Sale that we purchased from Goss Livestock!!! We had been hearing about this special boar for a long time leading up to the sale and we were excited to see him there! He definitely lived up to the hype and knew he was one we absolutely had to have here at PBG!! He is sired by White Noise, who was incredibly popular and was just getting started when we lost him way too soon! White Noise was always a very extreme outlier in some key areas and we were definitely looking for a son that could help fill those shoes!! We truly believe that SURROUND SOUND has the ability to pick up right where White Noise left off and take it to a whole new level!!! He is extreme in his bone and foot size, with strong pasterns and a great hind leg. As you view him from the side, he offers incredible proportions, which should allow him to make championship level barrows and gilts at a very consistent rate! Up high, he displays a big top with a very expressive muscle pattern. On the move, SURROUND SOUND is athletic and flexible with a running gear that is built for speed. Whether you are wanting to making whites or blues—-SURROUND SOUND is an incredible option!!!

As we stated above, SURROUND SOUND is a White Noise son that has us fired up! White Noise (Kracker x King Of The Hill) was our purchase from Final Drive Genetics at the Kings Of The Hill pig sale a couple falls that was a result of Jordan’s bred purchase from Heimer. White Noise’s ability to to consistently generate so many extras, yet produce those extras while keeping fundamentals in check was a truly rare trait! SURROUND SOUND’S mother is a truly impressive specimen in her own right! She is sired by Family Ties (Dirty Secret x Dirty Secret’s Sister) the Lackey boar that was here at PBG, and she is also the mother of the 2022 Houston Champion Yorkshire barrow!! Obviously, that is a genetic package absolutely stacked with boars that have had a major impact in the big rings, giving us the utmost confidence in his generating ability! We are very excited to see the impact that SURROUND SOUND can have in the future, with the increasing popular light cross division, as well as obviously the composite Yorks in the Southwest barrow arenas! We think you are going to be hearing his name A LOT!! SURROUND SOUND!!!

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