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Quite Frankly x Backdrop

Bred by PBG

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It’s STRICTLY BUSINESS!! Wow, this one has been an absolute freakshow from the start. We had the pleasure of breeding this boar and watching him mature through every stage gives us an EXTREME amount of confidence in what he will do as a sire! Sired by Quite Frankly, who is without a doubt one of the most popular boars we have ever owned here at PBG! The Quite Frankly pigs have started winning pig as soon as the first ones hit the ring and we are so excited to watch his impact going forward. The mother of STRICTLY BUSINESS is most famously known as Railey Spear's 2022 OYE Reserve Grand Overall Crossbred Gilt that we purchased for $50,000 where she was the top selling gilt in the OYE Night Of 100 Stars Gilt Sale!! She was bred by Moyer's Genetic Edge and in addition to her obvious phenotypic greatness---her pedigree is absolutely packed full of elite generating potential!! Most impressively, she laid down and had her gilt litter totally unassisted and milked like a Holstein cow! This sow has it all and is one we absolutely plan to build around for years to come!!! She is one incredible female!! STRICTLY BUSINESS combines the most EXTREME parts and pieces of his sire and dam and combine them all into one unbelievable package!! This boar has been special from the day he was born! STRICTLY BUSINESS!!!

STRICTLY BUSINESS takes bone, power, and mass to a whole new level! This boar is just ridiculously stout and exemplifies the term “BURLY” in every sense of the word! When you see him drive directly at you, he leaves a very strong first impression with a big, wide chest floor and a stout skull. As he turns, he shows off with an elevated shoulder and extended front end, painting a perfect picture from the side profile! As he leaves, he shows a view that is incredibly thick and square, and as you study him at the surface, he can reach, drive, and show off the bottom of his rear foot as he motors forward. As you get into the center portion of his body, he will blow you away with the sheer spread and dimension he exhibits with a massive rib cage and deep center body!! As we alluded to above, his legs are just crazy big and he still remains very clean in his joints and immature in that bone work! His hair is incredible, and he just has that special showpig presence that he knows he’s good! This one is going to be a lot of fun! We turned down A LOT of $$$ from barrow guys through the barn this fall to cut him and make him a barrow, but there was absolutely no chance that was ever going to happen, no matter the price! It’s STRICTLY BUSINESS!!

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