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Hit Stick x Jasper

Bred by Sanders Showpigs

Stress: Neg    EN: 25-4    Reg#: 659161004


STICK THIS is our elite mature Yorkshire boar purchase from Sanders Showpigs!! STICK THIS is another one (along with Kaiser) that DJ had been telling us about and sending pictures of STICK THIS for awhile now and when we saw him in person we knew we were looking at one truly unique Yorkshire boar! This one is very different from Kaiser, but offers his own unique extremes that get us just as fired up!! STICK THIS is absolutely wild looking with a razor sharp look through his front end and a very crisp muscle pattern!! With that crazy look through his head and neck, he still reads with masculinity, with a stout forehead and strong jawline! We love the way he balances from the side with his moderate length and strong top line! He is a huge chested, bold sprung boar that offers immense spread and dimension from one end of his skeleton to the other! He is a monster hipped boar that exhibits an extreme amount of power up high, and maintains this dimension down through his center body, with a huge rib cage and tremendous depth of flank. STICK THIS epitomizes squareness of build with impressive views as he comes and goes and maintains the highest level of flexibility and athleticism when he is in motion. At his foundation, his pasterns are strong and his foot/toe quality is exceptional! If you have some basic built Yorkshire females that need to be injected with extras in look, shape and overall design—STICK THIS!!!

Studying STICK THIS’S genetic background makes us even more excited! STICK THIS is sired by the highly popular Hit Stick boar and is out of an elite Jasper sow! This Jasper female was an incredible show gilt for the Everhart Family including being named the 2021 NJSS 3rd Overall (Champion Division 1) The Exposition Reserve Division 1 Yorkshire Gilt, and Indiana State Fair 5th Overall (Reserve Division 1) Yorkshire Gilt! She is off to a big time start as a generator! STICK THIS came out of a powerful litter that also included a class winner at the 2022 NWSS in Denver and a mate sister that was 3rd in class at the 2022 San Antonio Stock Show that was retained in the Sanders Showpigs herd that they are excited to build around going forward! STICK THIS is one incredibly unique Yorkshire boar with an elite genetic makeup—-he is built and bred to make big time change in the Yorkshire breed!!!

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