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Step One x Big Step's Mom

Bred by Stohlquist Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 20-4    Reg#: 656632004


Hit the gas and STEP ON IT!!! This Yorkshire boar is one we are very proud to offer to our customers!! STEP ON IT offers a pedigree rich in Yorkshire royalty being sired by Step One and out of Big Step’s mother!! Big Step’s mother is also known as the littermate sister to Amped Up! Needless to say, she is packing a big genetic punch. Step One (Big Step x Light This) is a boar that was bred by the legendary George Watson and combines the powerful genetics from the dominant Stohlquist and George Watson lines all into one package! Additionally, STEP ON IT’S mother is also the mother of Big Step himself, making this a very tightly linebred pedigree with a shot of the Watson program injected in!! After hearing this pedigree, we were immediately interested, and that interest went to a whole new level when we made the trip to Stohlquist’s to view this set of boars!! STEP ON IT hit us extremely hard as a Yorkshire boar that had that special look of a generator! We all know what elite Yorkshire females are worth—-whether it be as weanlings or at sales after their show career—-and we view STEP ON IT as a boar that can make those big ring Yorkshire gilts that win big and have immense $$$ value!!! When it’s time to breed your best Yorkshire females, don’t hesitate—-STEP ON IT!!!

STEP ON IT is built to make those big ring Yorkshires that win! From the side profile, he is attractive in his look, dead level, and paints as good of a silhouette as one can! He offers a notch more scale and extension and can be utilized as a great option on those really moderate Yorkshire females that need to be stretched, while not sacrificing the extreme bone and stoutness that is synonymous with all of the successful boars in his pedigree! He offers impressive width and power as he comes and goes, and the view he gives as he drives away, packed full of muscle and power, maintaining supreme squareness from the top of his hip all the way to the ground! At his foundation, he is stout with huge feet and great toe quality. For a Yorkshire boar that offers this impressive extension and elevation, he is still strong in his topline and has great muscle shape and power. This boar can make them better fast, and add lots of extras at the same time---STEP ON IT!

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