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Stay Classy x Safeword

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:



Stay Classy x Safeword

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress Negative

STAY FOCUSED is our $50,000 Perfect Timing purchase from Wintex Farms that we are pumped up about!!

Not only is STAY FOCUSED sired by the great Stay Classy but he is also out of a Safeword sow that was the 2020 Texas Elite Top-Selling Gilt!! She is one incredible individual and that gives us even more confidence in STAY FOCUSED's generating ability!!!

We believe STAY FOCUSED reads as a true generator of far-reaching pieces. He is incredibly massive, burly, and dense in every sense of the word. He offers a stout, masculine skull and jaw while still being attractive through his front end with really good length of neck and tight ears.

STAY FOCUSED is packing serious heat in terms of shape and spread up high and as you work down from the top side of his skeleton, he is bold sprung in his upper rib and has impressive center body dimension.

STAY FOCUSED plants and drives off a giant hind leg with enormous feet and huge, even toes!

We have strong faith that STAY FOCUSED is a true breeding boar that can make serious change in one generation.

If you want to mass up and stouten your showpigs while maintaining look and presence - STAY FOCUSED on a great sire!!!


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