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Selfish Ambition x Pillow Talk x Bone Crusher

Bred by Beyer's Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 19-4    Reg#: 155290004


Selfish Ambition x Pillow Talk x Bone Crusher

$8000 Alliance Pick Of The Barn.


SPOTLIGHT is our new Chester addition that has a chance to do big things!! He was the “Pick Of The Barn” at THE ALLIANCE pig sale this past fall. We had several guys that we trust contact us after the preview that told us that the Beyers Chester boar pig was very impressive and definitely needed to be on our radar and we are glad they did! From the time we got him home, he has impressed through every stage of his maturation and has matured in to one tremendous beast

SPOTLIGHT comes from the heart of the successful Beyers Farms herd. Sired by Selfish Ambition, the boar that Beyer’s and Armstrong own together and shut down and have not offered to the public.

SPOTLIGHT offers a rare opportunity to invest in these genetics! His mother is the Pillow Talk sow that has done so much winning for them, adding predictability to what SPOTLIGHT can accomplish as a sire!

SPOTLIGHT is enormous in his bone and foot, is very heavy structured, and offers extreme power and mass. With all he’s packing’, he is still square in his build, loose in his skeletal makeup, and athletic out of his hip and hind leg.

SPOTLIGHT has the extreme breeding hog traits necessary to make changes and win big shows!

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