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Jet Black x Bulletproof

Bred by Albright Swine Farm

Stress: NEG    EN: 47-1    Reg#: 174013001


This is one truly SPECIAL Berkshire boar!!! SPECIAL EFFECT is the $140,000 Grand Champion Berkshire Boar at The Exposition from Albright Swine Farms!!! When you see a special one that you absolutely have to own, you just know, and when SPECIAL EFFECT hit the ring in Des Moines at The Exposition, there was no doubt, he was one we had to have here at PBG!!! In addition to his obvious appeal, we got even more excited when we dove into his pedigree and it consisted of two of our favorite Berkshire boars we have ever owned!! SPECIAL EFFECT is sired by Jet Black, the living legend Wintex boar here at PBG, and is out of a Bulletproof mother. Bulletproof (Shattered x Speak Now) was a boar that we purchased from Decker Showpigs and was another very special Berkshire sire we had here at Premium Blend! Bulletproof was a very potent sire that won a bunch of shows, and more importantly left his mark on the breed!! Anytime we can tie into an elite Berkshire boar with Jet Black and Bulletproof in the pedigree, it gives us even more confidence in their generating ability!! The Albright Swine Farms program is known for making pigs that win at the highest levels year after year, and as Doug Albright will tell you, SPECIAL EFFECT is the most extreme, far reaching one they have ever made. When you are looking for a special Berkshire boar to use to help you stand out in a crowd, you better use SPECIAL EFFECT!!!

This boar is flat out INCREDIBLE!!! As we have said before, the truly special ones are the hardest to adequately describe, and SPECIAL EFFECT certainly falls into that category!! He puts so many wild, extreme, far-reaching characteristics into a package that is still so functional and complete!!! He reaches with unreal length of stride and flex off both ends! SPECIAL EFFECT has crazy big legs and stout features yet remains so clean in his joints! From the side, he shows off a look that is picture perfect! He’s just got “IT” He is very attractive and long necked yet remains so masculine and stout about his skull and jawline!! SPECIAL EFFECT is the rare kind that don’t come around very often, and when they do—they leave a legacy of winning big shows and making big strides for the breed! When you’re looking for those “extras” it takes to compete for the overall banners at the highest levels—SPECIAL EFFECT!!!

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