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Kracker x Jasper

Bred by Lackey Livestock

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SMOKE! This solid-white crossbred boar is our $40,000 weanling purchase from Lackey Livestock at the 2022 King’s of The Hill Pig Sale! This one stuck out to us prior to the sale and thought he was a boar that was so impressive regardless of color, but the fact that he is sold white makes him extremely valuable! SMOKE is sired by Kracker (Dominator x Dirty Secret), the highly successful Heimer boar. SMOKE’S mother is a Jasper x King of The Hill sow that is ½ Yorkshire. Jasper is the $300,000 Yorkshire boar we purchased from Rodibaugh Genetic Team at the 2020 Summer Type Conference in Des Moines. He has had a phenomenal siring career so far, and we truly believe his daughters are going to be worth their weight in gold! Studying SMOKE’S genetic package, you see that both SMOKE’S sire and dam are sired by purebred Yorkshire boars! The “Yorkshire” division at the southwest majors is one that is a highlight of the show and offers incredible depth and quality. Many of the very best showpig programs around the country have dedicated a lot of time and effort into making the most elite Yorkshire-classifying pigs possible. Talking with several of those breeders, one of the main challenges that they have encountered recently is that the “solid white” genetic pool is becoming too diluted of the purebred Yorkshire blood that helped build it, resulting in some sort in quality, as well as the rising challenge of making them remain white throughout their show career/feeding process to the end point show. We believe SMOKE’S value skyrockets further as he provides a solution for those problems. With SMOKE offering his elite phenotypic traits, coupled with him being ¼ purebred Yorkshire, we fully expect him to be a dominant sire in the southwest Yorkshire classifying rings! Considering his purebred influence, we believe SMOKE will generate extremely deep and consistent litters, while offering that purebred Yorkshire blood to ensure they will stay solid white from start to finish. Hold on tight---SMOKE!!!

SMOKE is a boar that brings some wild pieces to the table! As you take a step back and view SMOKE from the side, he wows you with an incredible look and presence through the front 1/3 of his skeleton. His neck ties high into his shoulder blade, is jet level, and has an impeccable hip design. He is so impressive as you get on top of him, showing off a very expressive muscle pattern, with a deep groove that starts out of the backside of his back and carries all the way back. He has a sharp turn to his loin edge and is massive in the spring to his upper rib cage! SMOKE drives at you with impressive width and power, and leaves you with that same kind of view, with a big hip and full rump. He plants on a very large hind leg and motors with supreme athleticism. We have purchased lots of boars from Lackey Livestock over the last several years and their ability to generate and make pigs that can win at the very highest is Whether your goal is to make elite Yorkshire classifying pigs for the Southwest rings, or incredible blues---SMOKE is a boar that will be heard from!!!

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