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Back Slap x Stay Classy's Littermate Sister

Bred by Wintex Farms

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SLAP HAPPY!! We predict this boar’s offspring will be getting a whole lotta grand champion “slaps” in the near future!! We purchased SLAP HAPPY from Wintex Farms for $37,000 as a weanling boar at “The Opener” sale in Texas! Will had told us about this one very early on and sent us the video and we knew right away he was one of those must own kind of boars! That thought process was strengthened even further when we found out that he was a Backslap back on Stay Classy’s littermate sister! If you ever talk to us about some of our all time favorite boars we have ever owned, there is no doubt that Stay Classy rises up very high on that list!! He was lost way too young, but is one we will absolutely never forget the first time we saw him and still, to this day, did things as a sire that we don’t think can ever be replicated. With all that said, anytime we can tie into one that is closely related to Stay Classy, we make it a top priority to get that done. When you tie that incredible genetic line in with the very successful and popular genetic package packed in Backslap (Backdrop x Best Kept Secret), it further intensifies the extreme generating potential running through SLAP HAPPY’s veins!!! SLAP HAPPY has been an incredible specimen from the first time we saw him at The Opener, until now as he has reached prime barrow weight. After seeing him develop through all stages of maturity, we can confidently say we believe he will make pigs that are very easy to sell, show early and often, yet will still maintain the proper maturity to have all the gas in the tank to strike at the end point destination. Use him, and just get ready to hold banners and smile----SLAP HAPPY!!!

SLAP HAPPY is one that reminds us so much of his uncle—Stay Classy, that it’s scary. As we described above, Stay Classy had so many impressive traits, but most impressive of all was the trait that words can’t describe, but you know it when you see it—he just had “IT”!! He just had a very rare presence that is incredibly hard to quantify or make, but we believe lightning might have struck twice—resulting in this special young boar-- his nephew, SLAP HAPPY!! We have purchased lots of boars of several different breeds from Wintex Farms over the years and they always generate, make far-reaching changes for the better, and win big shows!! We have full faith in SLAP HAPPY’S ability to continue that and take it to a whole new level!! SLAP HAPPY has that rare combination of look, eye appeal, and extreme power and mass that is so hard to find. As he turns and comes directly at you, he blows you away with a huge chest floor that starts the story! From the side profile, you can’t make one any better, being elevated, flat backed, and offers ideal proportions. As you work down his back, we absolutely love the crisp turn to his loin edge and deep ditch he has working from the backside of his blade all the way back, As you study towards the rear 1/3 of his skeleton, he transitions seamlessly from that back shape with a smooth ham/loin hookup, a long hip that is big and wide up high and reads with so much spread and power as he tracks away! SLAP HAPPY plants on an absolutely perfect hind leg and maintains this comfort and flex through his rear foot, allowing him to get out and go with a gear that most don’t have! To top it all off, SLAP HAPPY has perfect skin and hair that should only help his offspring stand out that much more in the big rings. We all know that in today’s crazy competitive industry, it comes down to the small details that can give a pig and edge over another, and we believe that SLAP HAPPY will generate his incredible skin and hair coat. His skin is naturally coal black and the texture of his hair not only has aesthetic value, but we have observed that boars that have exceptional skin and hair texture are often times correlational to them being the best generators as well. All that being said, we think we have a truly special individual here and we thank our friends at Wintex Farms for creating one like this and offering him for sale! We think his pigs will supply their showmen and families with lots of fun memories in the grand drives---SLAP HAPPY!!!

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