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Consensus 109-1 x No Rules x Master Plan's Dam

Bred by Galt Farms Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 5-2    Reg#: 411293002


Bred By: Galt Farms

SKULL CANDY is our 2020 Belton that we are very excited about!! The Duroc boar show at Belton this year was very impressive and deep in quality with several extreme, far reaching boars that were exciting in their ability to make progressive change.

We thought SKULL CANDY represented that ability to an extremely high degree! In addition to his powerful phenotypic traits, he offers a unique blend of pedigree entrenched in years of Duroc success at the highest levels, which only strengthens our confidence in his ability to be a potent sire of champions!

SKULL CANDY is a true power hog! He is big bladed, massive in his rib and center body dimension and offers lots of spread and mass over the topside of his skeleton! He is a very stout skulled boar, yet still offers length of neck, extension and a great look. For all the power and mass he brings to the table, he remains very square and genuine from the top of his skeleton to the ground and is flexible and athletic in motion!

SKULL CANDY reads like a true generator and we are confident he can breed on and make an impact!

If you need ultimate power for your feminine, complete, bigger outlined sows that need an extra shot of power and mass - SKULL CANDY is that boar!!

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