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Quite Frankly x Kingpin x Red Alert

Bred by Heimer Hampshires

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SIMPLY PUT—we think this boar has the potential to be a flat great one!!! SIMPLY PUT is our $110,000 weanling boar purchase from Heimer Hampshires this past Fall at “The Established”! When Heimer put his entries on Facebook, we all immediately commented that this Quite Frankly son he was taking looked like one that would look real good standing along side his sire here at PBG! The resemblance was incredible, and in addition to the obviously very similar color pattern, SIMPLY PUT shares so many phenotypic similarities to his great sire, Quite Frankly! As impressive as he was the day we purchased him, we can honestly say he has far surpassed all expectations and appears to be one that can make waves! He has continued to mature into a boar that offers the same kind of excitement and anticipation that his sire started to around this same time last year!! SIMPLY PUT comes from an unbelievable litter of pigs with several individuals who look poised to add even more value, most notably the $130,000 all-time record selling female that Heimer Hampshires sold at the 2022 Perfect Timing Pig Sale! We love buying boars from elite litters and that is certainly the case here with SIMPLY PUT!!! Sired by Quite Frankly (No Introduction x Cruel Intentions) back on a Kingpin x Red Alert sow! That Red Alert sow would be a littermate to the grandmother of Quite Frankly, No Stranger, To The Extreme, Fully Loaded, and Hear Me Now!! We absolutely love that genetic combination, being tightly linebred, while also offering a very diverse set of descendants within that package that all compliment each other well, which resulted in this masterpiece of a boar—SIMPLY PUT!!

SIMPLY PUT is one impressive beast! As we discussed briefly above, he has always reminded us of Quite Frankly through every stage of his maturation. He offers the extreme power, mass, and overall stoutness you would come to expect out of Quite Frankly, yet he differs slightly from his sire in that he offers even more extreme look and extension through his head and neck and is a notch more versatile in his frame size, which should allow for ideal use on a wider variety and type of females!! SIMPLY PUT is extreme in his bone and foot size and packs as much heat as you could ever want in terms of his width, muscle shape, and power from end to end! He is a true POWER hog and offers the kind of raw, crisp muscle shape that is becoming increasingly important in today’s current showring setting! SIMPLY PUT, he is that rare combination of being a very far-reaching, progressive kind of boar, while still offering the basics in terms of flawless fundamental build and impeccable running gear that should allow him to generate and make the kind that consistently rise to the top on the biggest stages!! Use this boar with extreme confidence--SIMPLY PUT!!

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