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Hands Down x Chatter

Bred by Harvey Showstock

Stress: NEG    EN: 14-4    Reg#: 512059004


SHOW DOWN is our $100,000 purchase from Harvey Show Stock at the historic 2022 STC Hampshire Show—widely considered one of the best Hampshire shows of all time!!!! As soon as SHOW DOWN hit the ring, we knew he was one we absolutely had to own and had no doubt that he was coming to PBG! We think he is one of the most impressive Hampshire boars we have ever seen. His skeletal build is flawless, with tremendous reach and athleticism while still packing on so many extras into one incredible Hampshire package!!! We LOVE the boar and then you study the pedigree, and it gets even more exciting! His genetic makeup is loaded with generations of some of the most influential Hampshire boars! SHOW DOWN is sired by the very popular and successful Hands Down (Chatter x Self Employment) and his mother is a direct daughter of Chatter, the Veach-bred boar that has done so much good improving the breed is consistently found in the pedigrees of the elite Hampshire show gilts, barrows, and boars! This makes SHOW DOWN an intensely line-bred Chatter (and along with that—the legendary Annie sow at Veach’s), further strengthening the odds that SHOW DOWN can be that same kind of influential sire!

SHOW DOWN offers so many far-reaching traits that are difficult to produce and rare to find in Hampshire boars. He is incredibly stout and rugged with tremendous width and power. He combines that with an impeccable build, design, and look with a true Hampshire head! Pack this all onto a great set of feet and legs and a running gear that is second to none!! We could go on for a long time - we believe SHOW DOWN is an ELITE Hampshire boar!!!

To put it simply, SHOW DOWN is an awesome boar with a tremendous pedigree and then you add in the 3rd crucial element---he comes from a proven breeder of boars that generate and breed on!!! Harvey Show Stock has been making elite Hampshire breeding stock for decades, and most recently has been responsible for producing some of the breed’s elite generating sires!! They flat out breed on and make the next generation better, and that is due to their long-term vision and sticking with a plan. When talking about SHOW DOWN the night before the sale in Louisville, it was easy to hear the passion and conviction that Travis has in this special boar!! SHOW DOWN is BUILT, BRED, & PRODUCED to make a major impact!!! When it comes down to crunch time at the big show—it’s time for a SHOW DOWN!!!

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