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My Intention x Kingpin x My Intention's Aunt

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


Lights, camera, action!!! SHOW BUSINESS is our young boar purchase from Brockman Farms that has caused quite a stir with visitors!! He has been INCREDIBLY popular on tours and has us very excited for the future and what he can accomplish! He puts together so many extreme, “out there” traits it creates as truly exotic of a package as we could imagine. When they brought him out into the viewing area, SHOW BUSINESS hit us as the most exciting young boar that Brockman’s have driven out for us to see in all our trips there!!! SHOW BUSINESS comes out of an exceptional litter, and his genetic package is loaded with the most elite generating boars and Brockman’s very best sows stacked on both sides of his pedigree!!! When you are on the big stages under the bright lights—its time for SHOW BUSINESS!!

SHOW BUSINESS is one wild looking creature!! He takes the unreal bone, power, and overall stoutness that My Intention is known for, and puts it all together with a build and design from the side profile that we feel is the closest thing we’ve seen to Believe In Me! His ability to combine all these traits into a square, flexible package takes it to a whole new level!!! He is extremely expressive and descript about his muscle pattern, and he explodes out of the backside of his shoulder blade with a deep, chiseled groove running all the way back to a huge, square hip!! He impresses as he comes and goes with tremendous power and spread! SHOW BUSINESS is the total package and has what it takes to be a dominating sire of champion show barrows and gilts!!!

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