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Shattered x Drinking Class

Bred by Mauck Show Hogs

Stress: NEG    EN: 46-4    Reg#: 163055004




Shattered x Drinking Class x 19-10

Bred by Mauck Show Hogs

SHOT GLASS is one truly impressive Berkshire boar. When we found out that in addition to the great Glass House son we now call MY HOUSE, that Mauck's also had a full brother to Glass House at the farm, we were even more excited for the trip and were thrilled to get them both purchased and home with us to Premium Blend!

In addition to Glass House, SHOT GLASS is also a full sib to the 2019 Indiana State Fair Third Overall Breeds (Champion Berkshire) Barrow and the 2019 Indiana State Fair 5th Overall Berkshire Gilt! SHOT GLASS is a very unique Berkshire boar that offers true breeding hog potential to be a dominating sire of Berkshire boars, barrows and gilts! Take a shot with SHOT GLASS!!

SHOT GLASS offers some freakish traits that make him a Berkshire boar that is built to make a big change!! He offers an unreal look through his head and neck and elevation at the point of his shoulder. He is so impressive in the width and power he offers with a very descript, expressive muscle pattern over the topside of his skeleton. As he motors around the yard, he demonstrates the ability to plant and drives with extreme flexibility and range of motion.

We believe SHOT GLASS has the ability to build on the legacy started by his full sib (Glass House) and make a name for himself as an elite Berkshire sire of champions that can compete for the "OVERALL" titles!

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