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No Huddle x No Intro x Cruel Intentions

Bred by Hilty Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


SHOCK & AWE!!! This extra special boar is our $125,000 weanling purchase from Hilty Showpigs at their live Spring pig sale!! We first saw pictures and videos of this exciting young boar in the week leading up to the sale and thought he looked like one of those very special ones! We made the trip over to look at him in person prior to the sale and he hit us even harder and knew he was one we had to own! As impressive as he was as a baby pig, SHOCK & AWE has blown away all our expectations and has matured into a truly unique creature that we are very proud to own!!! From a pedigree standpoint, SHOCK & AWE ties in some very far reaching individuals into one dynamic package! He is sired by No Huddle (Saved By Grace x Kingpin) and his mother is a littermate sister to Quite Frankly and No Stranger that Hilty purchased from Mark Gray! Quite Frankly and No Stranger are off to absolutely incredible starts to their siring careers and remain 2 of the most popular boars standing here at PBG!! The elite genetic makeup of SHOCK & AWE gives us even more confidence in his ability to consistently generate next level type of offspring that have a chance to hang big banners at the highest levels of completion!! Hilty is known for producing elite livestock that win big shows, and also big time breeding hogs that can take big steps of progress, and this boar is a prime example. If you want to drive a stunner—-use SHOCK & AWE!!

SHOCK & AWE is a boar that puts so many unique and extreme pieces into one very functional, correct package. We have always thought that the best way to describe SHOCK & AWE is that he reminds us of a more extended version of his mothers littermate brother—Quite Frankly. He offers those incredible extras and “ests” that Quite Frankly is famous for—yet does so in a package that comes with considerably more look and extension up through his head and neck and a longer hip design. He is so stout, powerful and opened up from end to end with elite design and proportions when you view him from the side!! He comes and goes with width and squareness and maintains an elite running gear when he drives!! SHOCK & AWE is an incredible option to breed to those females that need all those extras in terms of power, bone, and overall stoutness—while also improving look, design and build. He has that special “it” factor to make pigs that can stand out and win the big ones!!! SHOCK & AWE!!!

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