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Slingshot x Zoo Animal x Big Red

Bred by Mitchem Family Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 5-4    Reg#: 291765


SHAKE & BAKE!!! This is our new Tamworth boar addition that we purchased privately from Gus Mitchem right before Springfield. We have been hunting the right Tamworth boar to add here at PBG and when Gus posted the picture of this boar on Facebook, we were sure we had found the one we had been waiting on!! SHAKE & BAKE (Slingshot x Zoo Animal x Big Red) offers a pedigree that ties in many of the most successful Tamworth boars over the last several years! Adding even more genetic firepower— SHAKE & BAKE’S mother was the 2019 Ohio State Fair Jr Show 5th Overall Gilt!!! SHAKE & BAKE is an extremely impressive individual with the genetic punch to generate Tamworth show gilts and barrows at a very high level!! SHAKE & BAKE!!!

SHAKE & BAKE is a boar that really excels in areas where most Tamworth’s need help. He is a rugged, stout featured boar that offers power and mass from end to end! He is wide chested, round ribbed, and gives you a powerful view as he drives directly away. When you get on top of him, he is very muscular and massive in his shape up high! He maintains this power and squareness all the way to the ground, standing on stout feet and big toes! While we would call him a power boar, he still offers a very neat look and has the kind of style and balance it takes to win big banners! SHAKE & BAKE is a boar that gets us excited to see what he can do and how large of an impact he can have making Tamworth hogs even better! We expect great things from him! When it’s time to shoot past the completion, use SHAKE & BAKE!!!

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