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Next Up x He's The One

Bred by Adam Beck & Family Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 20-3    Reg#: 415739003


We are SEEIN’ RED!! This is our private purchase from Adam Beck & Family Showpigs that has us pumped up for the future of our red boar arsenal!! Late this past fall, Adam called and said he had one that he felt was the best Duroc boar he had bred!! We quickly made the trip over and were so impressed with this boar!! Adam’s Duroc program is absolutely on fire and SEEIN’ RED is one you have to see to believe!! SEEIN’ RED saw exclusive use at ABF this past fall on some of their most elite Duroc sows demonstrating they Faith they put in his generating ability!! When the opportunity to purchase this incredible Duroc boar presented itself, there was no way we were going to pass it up-SEEIN’ RED is an absolute STUD!!!

SEEIN’ RED is an absolute monster in his bone, foot size, and overall stoutness of feature! He is an attractive boar that offers elite balance and proportions. He is bold and wide spring with immense power as he comes and goes!! His feet are huge, and his toe quality is unreal. For a boar that is this heavy boned and stout, he remains clean jointed and has a very comfortable hind leg and rear foot. The spring to his upper rib and depth of body is so impressive and he has a big back working with loads of product and mass

In addition to his extreme phenotypic quality, his pedigree is as potent as it gets being a Next Up X Next Up’s mom. His mother(2017 WTC Champion & $20,000 Top Selling Gilt) would also be the mother of 38 Special, Air Drop, So Cold, Revolver, and Time To Time) as well as the 2020 Eastern Regional Grand Overall Breeds Gilt!! Truly an elite individual with the pedigree to back it up!!

Thanks again to Adam and the rest of the crew at ABF for the opportunity to purchase such a special Duroc boar. We expect big things out of SEEIN’ RED!!!

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