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PBG Boars



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Scouts Honor x Just for Men x Burkin Off

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 220-1    Reg#: 175290001


it is time to break into the SECRET STASH!!! This is one absolutely incredible Berkshire boar we purchased from Wintex Farms!! He saw extremely heavy use exclusively at Wintex this breeding season and SECRET STASH semen has never been available to the public until now! Wintex Farms has been responsible for many extremely influential, breed changing Berkshire boars and they’ll tell you they’ve never made one like SECRET STASH!! When Will told us just how high he was on SECRET STASH, and that they had bred almost every Berk sow to him, we were obviously extremely excited to make the trip to see him! Simply put, he blew our expectations away--- He stretches the imagination! Use this one to make a major change and win the BIG banners—dip into SECRET STASH!

SECRET STASH is one very special Berkshire boar!! He offers an unbelievable combination of unique look, mass and power, with extreme flexibility and range of motion! While he offers lots of extremes and “ests”, his most extreme characteristic, especially relative to most in the Berkshire breed, is his length of hip and rump design, which allows him to motor with elite level flexibility and range of motion! He plants on a square, secure hind leg that has the right amount of set and cushion. He comes and goes with a tremendous amount of spread and dimension from the topside of his skeleton, and maintains this all the way to the ground. We believe SECRET STASH can be used with success on a wide variety and types of Berkshire females! He is a truly special one that we feel very luck to own! We think SECRET STASH will be the next Berkshire legend that comes from Wintex Farms!!!

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