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PBG Boars



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Next Intention x Never Before

Bred by Decker Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:



SECOND COMING has been one of the most anticipated young sires we have purchased and interest on the progression of Tricked Out’s full-sib has been extremely high! Feedback from those that saw him as a prospect was tremendous and SECOND COMING has continued to impress through every stage!!

When Chad and Lis decided to breed Tricked Out’s mother back to Next Intention to try to re-create him, we certainly had very high hopes that he could fill his brother’s enormous shoes which would be a very tall task. SECOND COMING certainly looks like he has what it takes to take what Tricked Out accomplished that to an even higher level!!!

SECOND COMING brings the same undeniable look and unmistakable presence that made Tricked Out offspring so successful yet does so with so much more everywhere.

SECOND COMING is broader in his build, and offers an insane amount of spread, width, and mass from end to end with an absolutely enormous back, a deep groove that starts out of the back side of his shoulder blade and running all the way back to a monster hip. He has a razor-sharp turn to his loin edge with a huge upper-rib and full center body cavity. This is old-school muscle and shape but with all of this extra power and width, he remains pliable and loose spined and gets out and struts with the elite kind of athleticism and running gear that it takes to make show barrows and gilts that can win in big rings with bright lights!

We have tremendous faith that SECOND COMING and the Tricked Out clones (Pictures and more detailed info coming soon!!) have a chance to continue to build on Tricked Out’s genetic legacy and continue to build ultra-elite showstock that an leave a big impact!

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