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Backdrop x Never Before x Short Bus

Bred by Goss Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


ROLL CALL!!! We finally got the deal done and he is here at PBG!!! ROLL CALL is a very special animal that we felt we absolutely had to own after we saw quick snap video of him. We’ve had several instances that we will never forget that make you not stop until you get the deal done. These instantaneous reactions when your knees buckle, and you can’t stop thinking about the boar you just saw are moments we will never forget. Without question, the first time we laid eyes on ROLL CALL is one of these types of moments. When the guys showed me the snap of ROLL CALL – I texted Blake immediately and kept texting. It was as hard to get a price out of them this time as it was when we bought Bone Collector – and that one took a bunch of work! Blake finally said he would price him, but it would be a silly number and it was, but sometimes you just have a feeling, and you roll the dice. Time will tell, but we think he has a great shot to make a tremendous impact and are thrilled to have him here at PBG! Blake Goss is very passionate that this is his favorite animal he has been involved with and that means a ton to us. The number of sows being bred to ROLL CALL at Goss Livestock is the best testament we can point to regarding the amount of belief they have in ROLL CALL'S superior generating potential!!

ROLL CALL is sired by the very popular and successful Backdrop boar and is out of a Never Before x Short Bus sow! His mother is a littermate to 2020 American Royal Reserve Middleweight Cross Gilt and Lackey’s 2020 Dallas barrow: “Oscar” Visually, ROLL CALL represents the type of elite quality that simply does not come around very often. ROLL CALL has an absolutely elite look, enormous legs, and is so fun to look at from every angle!! He has tremendous width, power and overall dimension. Simply put—ROLL CALL has it all!! He is wild in his elevation and extension through the front 1/3 of his body, combined with the extreme stoutness of feature and heaviness of structure that is out of this world. He comes at you with a big, bold chest floor, transitions to an expansive center body cavity, and leaves you with width and power! As you analyze the topside of his skeleton, he is so impressive in the spread out of the backside of his blade with a deep groove running all the way back! His front feet are strong, with big, deep, evenly spaced toes. ROLL CALL angles on both ends of his skeleton are ideal. He plants and drives off his rear leg and foot with comfort and ease, allowing him to remain so athletic as he struts around the yard. The best ones are always the hardest to describe because they bring so many extreme traits in a very complete, balanced, and correct package. As we talked about above, ROLL CALL is simply the kind that doesn't come along very often!! Very special animal!!!

We would like to thank the Goss Family for this incredible opportunity!! Special friends for many years that have provided incredible genetics that built the foundation to help us build Premium Blend Genetics. We look forward to the impact ROLL CALL will have on the industry!!

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