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Affliction x Nomad

Bred by Schulte Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


ROCK REVIVAL!!! This young boar is our private purchase from Schulte Farms this past fall! Carter had told us about this special young prospect boar and then sent us videos and it did not take long to see that this one was special and we got a deal done to purchase him!! ROCK REVIVAL is the first son of Affliction that we have purchased and believe that he is a perfect representation of what Affliction (Backdrop x Dirty Secret x Visionary) can do at his very best! Schulte Farms is known for making elite showpigs that can get it done at the highest levels from coast to coast, and ROCK REVIVAL’S pedigree is loaded with many of the key sows that have made that success possible! ROCK REVIVAL’S mother is a Nomad (Lock It Up x Dirty Secret x Fortune) back on a Keep Em Guessin x Dirty Secret sow. That Keep Em Guessin sow would be a littermate to the 2019 Grand Overall Gilt at Tulsa, and is the mother of Wheelhouse, and is the grandmother of Urban Legend. ROCK REVIVAL’S great grandmother is the dam of the 2021 OYE Reserve Grand Barrow and Okie Dokie! All of this is to demonstrate that the genetic power behind ROCK REVIVAL is stacked with elite boars and sows for several generations in ROCK REVIVAL’S pedigree. It makes it even more fun to consider all that genetic firepower when you can couple that with a boar that is this impressive phenotypically. When you add that together, its very easy to see why we are so fired up on the potential of this young boar!! ROCK REVIVAL!!!

ROCK REVIVAL is a boar that really excites us and believe he is one that will be a visitor favorite on tours! He is very unique in that he is a very moderate framed (both length and height), yet is a boar that we would term as EXTREMELY long necked and long hipped, traits you don’t typically find on a boar that offers these extreme barrow proportions. He is freakish in that look up through his head and neck, yet still maintains substance to his jaw with a stout “he man” skull! ROCK REVIVAL has a very shapely muscle pattern with a ripped back, big hip, full rump, and has tremendous flair down to his stifle joint. He epitomizes squareness from the highest point on his body all the way down to his toes and offersideal angularity off both ends that allow to him to reach, plant and drive with tremendous range of motion. ROCK REVIVAL is a boar that we believe can make elite offspring that can hit and hang banners under a high percentage of judges/preferences and still offers those extreme pieces to generate and move forward. We absolutely love this boar! ROCK REVIVAL!

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