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Play It Cool x Breaking Rules

Bred by Knauth Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


RIGHTFULLY SO!!! This is the $150,000 weanling boar we purchased from Knauth Showpigs at The Established!! We had seen a video of this one leading up to the sale and we were blown away at what we saw. We were excited and very much looking forward to seeing him at The Established and after talking with Crosby after he got there, as well as several others, it became very evident that RIGHTFULLY SO was a truly special individual that we needed to own here at PBG!!

RIGHTFULLY SO has been a flat-out stud through every stage of the maturation process!!! His ability to combine extreme stoutness, density, and power with supreme presence, look, and design make him a very rare type of boar! He drives at you and immediately demands your attention with a bold chest floor and maintains this width and squareness through his knee and to the ground. He gives an equally impressive view as he drives directly away from you with power and width and flare to his lower ham and stifle. In addition, he is crazy heavy boned and big footed, while still displaying a very crisp, expressive muscle pattern down his back, and a stout hip and thick, full rump. At his foundation, he stands on strong pasterns with thick, evenly spaced toes! RIGHTFULLY SO offers the type of angle and set to his shoulder that is so key, and he plants on an enormous hind leg with the right kind of set and cushion, enabling him to offer unrivaled flexibility and reach when set in motion!! RIGHTFULLY SO is one incredible creature!!

Not only does RIGHTFULLY SO offer absolutely unreal phenotypic traits, but his dynamic genetic package also makes him even more exciting!! Sired by Play It Cool (Never Before x Rule 21 x Visionary). PLAY IT COOL’s littermate barrow was the 2021 Rodeo Austin Reserve Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow. His mother is a littermate to the Newhouse barrow that was the Grand Champion Barrow at the 2019 Indiana State Fair Jr Show!! Play It Cool’s mother would be a Breaking Rules x Visionary sow that is a littermate to the very popular and successful First Rule boar here at PBG!! That Visionary sow that is the grand dam of Play It Cool is also the mother of the dam of RIGHTFULLY SO, making this an intensely linebred pedigree loaded with the best generators at Knauth Showpigs. The crew at Knauth’s has been absolutely on fire and to have a boar that is this impressive visually, while combining so many of the proven, potent generators within this herd that have played major roles in some of their biggest wins, gives us extreme confidence in what he will generate and accomplish as a dominating sire!!!

Simply put, this boar has it all! Visitors to the stud have been absolutely pumped on this boar and his popularity and demand has been extreme, and RIGHTFULLY SO!!!

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