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Gorilla Monsoon x Drinking Class

Bred by Mauck Showhogs

Stress: NEG    EN: 34-9    Reg#: 172803009


It's time to RIDE THE LIGHTNING!!! Wow--this Berkshire boar absolutely blew us away the first time we laid eyes on him! We always enjoy and look forward to our visits at Mauck’s and we have been fortunate to purchase lots of very influential boars from them over the years! With that said, we truly believe that RIDE THE LIGHTNING is the best one we have ever bought from them!! This is one VERY special Berkshire boar that can make a long-lasting impact on the Berkshire breed!! RIDE THE LIGHTNING is sired by Gorilla Monsoon (Drinking Class x Non Typical) and his mother is a (Drinking Class x Non Typical)!! This intensely linebred pedigree with two legends of the breed stacked tightly, which should enhance the elite generating potency of this boar!! As stated above, we believe RIDE THE LIGHTNING is one incredible creature that is backed by generations of tremendous Berkshire breeding hogs that won big, resulting in the ultimate Berkshire package!! RIDE THE LIGHTNING!!!

As soon as RIDE THE LIGHTNING hopped up in his pen and they dropped him out to walk in the aisle, it was a very quick and unanimous decision that this boar needed to come to PBG!!! He is so unique in his ability to combine next level stoutness and power, yet still remain so comfortable and athletic in motion!! He is a moderate framed, power hog, that is absolutely wild in his look, elevation, and extension up front, and has an ideal length and angle to his hip that allows his hind leg to plant and drive with unrivaled comfort! RIDE THE LIGHTNING offers an incredible view as you analyze the top side of his skeleton, with a big, broad back, crazy big rib cage. And transitions into a massive center body!! An additional valuable asset that he brings to the table (especially as the Berkshire breed has recently tightened the color rules) is that he is absolutely perfect in his Berkshire markings with extremely black skin, very minimal white, and a very thick, attractive hair coat!. What makes all of these unique traits even more exciting, is that after talking with Nick and Neil about the first litters out of RIDE THE LIGHTNING, it is evident that he is passing these traits to the next generation!!! Mauck Showhogs is known for consistently breeding boars that generate and make a major impact! We truly believe that RIDE THE LIGHTNING has a chance to be mentioned amongst the best Berkshire boars that Mauck Showhogs has ever created! Thanks again to the Mauck’s for this special opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind Berkshire boar! Hold on and RIDE THE LIGHTNING!!!!

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